What We Do

We provide full brand support for luxury travel, hospitality and lifestyle brands on an international scale.

Strategy. Implementation. Results.


International Media Relations

We are experts in connecting our clients with target media outlets within the luxury travel and lifestyle market on a local and global scale. Developing creative angles to increase your brand's exposure and driving more traffic to your online channels in order to boost sales. We guide our clients through today's ever-changing media platform, securing media placements and establishing further brand credibility.


Social media

We tailor our social media plan to your exact needs. Our support ranges from managing entire social media operation strategy, including platform creation and launch, content creation, engagement and analytics to support of an in-house social media team. We create and fully monitor your online presence to further add credibility and presence of your brand.


Launches & Events

We provide support, coordination and management during company or brand events on both local as well as international level. Ensuring your brand's visibility while creating messaging around new product or service launches to set your brand apart from the competition. We also manage and provide support to our clients before and during media press trips.


Influencer Connections & Digital Marketing

To ensure our clients' ongoing success, we connect them with those with great influence within their desired market space. We utilize both organic and paid influencer outreach. We pride ourselves in being connected to top level online influencers globally. In cases of paid influencer connection, we handle contract negotiations, messaging, and keeping the agreements in line with legal requirements. We also strive to connect brands to the right celebrity talent to increase your brand's exposure within the luxury arena. 


Strategic Brand Partnerships

We love thinking of new ways we can create a mutually beneficial partnership between two or more brands. We believe there is always a possibility to open a new creative channel through which two brands can not only connect and collaborate but also enhance each other's image, credibility and overall public brand awareness. Let us know and we will be happy to sit down with you and discuss all the potential avenues in which you can connect to other successful brands.


Consulting Services

We provide personal and tailored approach during consultations. It is through our research we create suggestions for your brand's next steps and overall strategy implementation. We also provide our clients with media training in order to help you and your colleagues better understand and navigate the fast-paced world of media.